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It’s no secret that having a web presence is now expected of any business today. But just having a website does not guarantee a successful web strategy. For many potential patients, your website is their first interaction with your practice. Does it properly represent you and the experience they’ll have when they arrive for their appointment? Is it built in such a way as to give you the best organic search engine results possible?

With the proliferation of “Free” websites and “Do-It-Yourself” website builders, many websites struggle to make a good first impression or give you the a solid strategy to increase your search engine results. Ultimately, those two things can cost you a new patient. If you choose to have a custom website built, you’ll have a much better end result, but those can be budget killers.

That’s why we've put together a cost-effective program offering you a clean, professional website that gives your patients a great first impression and also maximizes your search engine results.

Customized for You

We make sure that your site properly tells your story, illustrates to your patients what they can expect from your practice and what treatments you have to offer. We utilize your logo, pictures, patient testimonials and information to truly make the site your own.

Content is King

As part of your overall web strategy we can supply you with additional content pertinent to your area of expertise to aid in increasing your organic search engine results. Also, any new content we create you get immediate access to at no additional cost!

Access to Amazing 3D Animations

As part of your monthly fee you’ll have access on your website to utilize our incredible 3D animations to help illustrate various procedures and medical conditions. These animations are 100% original creations made by us, for the exclusive use of our doctors.

Contact us today to get started and have a website you can be proud of!

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Fixed Bearing's membership sites focus on giving our doctors maximum exposure without pillaging their marketing budgets. How do we do it... leveraging our creativity in tandem with our expertise in technology. More Info

3D animations are a very useful tool in patient education. Fixed Bearing's animations are intended to familiarize your patients with certain procedures or treatments you practice may offer. View Demos

Fixed Bearing specializes in offering medical professionals innovative and effective marketing solutions. What makes us different is we concept and create EVERYTHING ourselves. More Info

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